Thursday, 14 September 2017

Currently In September

Reading ... On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher
Playing ... The Sims 4 because I've spent a lot on it and it's now all I can play forever.
Watching ... Murder Documentaries, they are literally my favourite thing, and the current       favourite is Wives with Knives.  
Trying ... To lose weight and stay motivated with doing so.
Cooking ... Nothing imparticular, however I did cook an amazing roast last night! 
Eating ... Nothing, I'm never hungry first thing in the morning.
Drinking ... Water.
Texting ... I don't really text people if I'm being honest, only my mum occasionally.
Pinning ... Wedding ideas!
Tweeting ... Mainly about my blog, but about my life in general really.
Going ... Iceland in October 2018 to marry my love!
Loving ... Peach flavoured sparkling water.
Hating ... Mental Illness.
Discovering ... How much I care about everything, how I feel too much of everything.
Thinking ... That I need to stop thinking so much.
Feeling ... Tired, all of the time.
Hoping (for) ... Everything to fall into place.
Listening (to) ...Anything Disney.
Smelling ... The lovely scent of Vanilla.
Thanking ... My fiance, always.
Considering ... Getting a new job.
Starting ... To get back into the swing of blogging again.
Finishing ... Being as lazy as I have been lately. 

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