Monday, 14 August 2017

10 Things I'd do if i won the lottery

I'm pretty sure that this is an idea everyone has dreamed about at some point in their lie, myself included. Now I'm 100% certain that for myself, it will never happen it will only ever be a dream, mainly because I have literally never played the lottery in my life. 

Let's just go to an amazing dream world for a moment, let's just pretend that in some beautifully, magical, parallel universe that I do play the lottery, and let's go ahead nd pretend that I happened to win a few million. What would I do with the money you might ask, well continue reading and you'll soon see!

I won the lottery, what do I do?

1. Drop EVERYTHING and elope to Iceland to marry my fiance ASAP.

How could this not be the first thing that I do? It's not even that I want some expensive, over the top wedding, I mean I literally just want it to be him and I. It wouldn't be about all that, it would be about having the money straight away to do what we've already planned a whole lot faster.

2. Filter money into both animal and mental health charities. 

Animals are my entire world, I want to protect them, I wish that I could give them all the love that they deserve, but I can't. I'd filter money to charities and wildlife sanctuaries, maybe I'll buy out companies like Sea World so their animals can be free. As for Mental Health charities, I'd donate to charities such as Mind and be sure to help as much as I could to get word out about mental health.

3. Pay off our mortgage and either do all awaiting renovations, or buy a new property.

I'm not 100% sure on which of the above two I'd want to do, mainly because I love our home, and that's what it is, our home. If we stayed where we are, I'd want extensions on both floors at the back of the house, planning permission dependent. I'd renovate the entire house really, but mainly the upstairs bathroom, and downstairs kitchen, but also change the stairs and floorboards. I'd want a walk in wardrobe, en suite bathroom, my fiance would want a dedicated room to his gaming, and I for my photography, make up and blogging. If we bought our own place? Which I think we would, then I'd want a nice, but rather large, cottage house.

4. 100% quit my job.

I strongly dislike my job, and fail to understand how anyone who works with me feels motivated to work there, it's just not the place for me. I'm not saying I wouldn't want to work, just that I wouldn't work here, more on this further down the post.

5. Get my cat, Steve, a buddy.

I know, cats aren't all that expensive, but if I had this dream house and all this money it would be a whole lot easier for me to get him a friend. I think he'd enjoy having a little friend because life can be lonely, and I never want him to feel lonely. 

6. Start my own marine charity.

I find that a lot of people really do care about animals, and that's lovely, but not as many care about our marine animals, and they are my favourite. I'd firstly want to explore our worlds seas to find out what magnificent creatures we are yet to discover, and secondly protect the beautiful creatures we know of. I'd want to shut companies like sea world down and move all marine animals to transitional and coastal wildlife sanctuaries. 

7. Do Japan.

I LOVE Japan, and so does my fiance, maybe this would be our honeymoon? We'd got for at least a month, tour the entire country and do everything that there is to do. 

8. Start my family.

If money was no object, I'd be starting a family as soon as possible. As someone with PCOS my chances of conceiving naturally are reduced, and I won't be able to get pregnant as long as people without this illness. Losing a Fallopian tube further reduces my chances, and I just want to have children asap, at least with winning the lottery, if I ever need to go through IVF the money will be there to help us as much as possible. For as long as I can remember, one of my biggest dreams has been to have my own family, and that has never changed. I can't wait for us to have our own little person that relies on us to help encourage them to be an amazing person.

9. Learn to drive and get a 67' Chevy Impala.

Ahh the 67' Chevy, it's been my dream car now for about 12 years, and it would be mine! For those of you who don't know, this is Dean Winchester beloved car in the hit TV show Supernatural, and it's so darn beautiful.

10. Swim with sharks.

I know this might tie in with the charity idea, but I need to make sure I swim with sharks. Like I mean I want to go into the big wide ocean and either cage dive/swim, or both, with great white sharks. Sharks are by far my favourite animal, and I just think they are so misunderstood and so beautiful. 

There you have it, 10 things i'd do if I won the lottery, so go ahead and leave a comment below and let me know what you'd do if you got that lucky.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I love the one about the Chevy, pretty sure I'd do the same if I won't the lottery but either get an old Mustang or an old VW Beetle.
    Love, Billi x

  2. Also love the one about the Chevy!! I think swimming with sharks would be so cool, would never have the guts to do it myself though lol! x

    1. I love the Chevy, it's been my dream car for so long. I'm happy to say Ihave no fear of sharks, the deep water on the other hand, I'm not so sure haha xx

  3. If I won the lottery, I would travel to Dubai, change my wardrobe, host a feast, and start a charity program for girls in the Third World Country who can't afford to buy/use sanitary pads

    1. Traveling would definitely be a must! Imagine having a whole new wardrobe though oh my gosh! Love the charity idea too xx

  4. I actually love this post: I think I would start up a charity and help my family and friends! x
    Lola Mia //

  5. I love this post so much! I love the charity one for definite! Both of those mean so much to me too! xx

    1. Aw thank you lovely, and I'm so glad to hear they mean a lot to others too xx


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