Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 8 | A Glimpse into our home

Hey, wow the 8th of September has came round fast. Although I have to admit that the sooner we get to the middle/back end of the month, the happier I'll be as I'll be going to the beautiful city of Rome! I visited my lovely family yesterday and have only just got back online, to find out that I didn't schedule today's post! 

As a lot of you know I attended the hospital yesterday and was absolutely terrified about the results. I was rather disappointed to find out that unfortunately they wanted to repeat all of my tests, meaning I won't find out anything new until December. I did also receive some more distressing news from the hospital, but I won't go into it, I'd rather not think about it if I'm being honest. 

ANYWAY! I believe that I owe you a glimpse into out little home! 

Thursday, Sept. 8: A house/apartment/room tour! Give us a glimpse of your space.

So I have only taken a picture of this side of the room because the other side is just full of washing, this is essentially our clothes drying room and small library, haha. I love books and I absolute love reading to the point that I'm running out of space for all of my books! 

This is just a small kind of dressing table that we've put together because of my insane amount of beauty products. The workspace is just Mikes old desk, and we bought this beautiful vanity mirror for around £20 from Argos. Underneath I have a lot of storage boxes to ensure the space isn't cluttered.

Mike is completely obsessed with Warhammer 40k. Now this isn't even half of his models, but I wouldn't want to completely scare you all away! This bookshelf full of models is in the spare bedroom along with my dressing table, his games table, and another unit full of models.

Here we have out TV with sound bars and games consoles. We're really big gamers in our household, I mean at the other side of the room my partner has his big desk with his gaming PC set up haha. 

I apologise for the lack of content today, I've only just realised that I didn't upload a post today! I hope you enjoy my little sort of home tour, hopefully it gives you a more in depth look at the person I am.


  1. My boyfriend is obsessed with 40K too; he keeps saying his collection is 'small', but I have NO idea how we'll manage to store it all! (Our bookshelves are strictly for books only...)
    Beth x

    1. My partner essentially has a room just dedicated to his obsession! Haha xx

  2. Ah! All those books! <3 Thanks for sharing your little home tour!

    1. I posted this so late and would have loved to have added so much more but just didn't have the time! Xx


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