Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 4 | Currently in September

Currently in September

Happy Sunday lovelies, I've been up since the crack of dawn today, I just can't seem to sleep in. I've actually booked a few days off work this week just because I have a couple of appointments and plans with friends, and I just pray that I get on sleep in because I know I'll want when when I'm back in work.

I'm super excited about the plans I have this week, they include but aren't limited to a new tattoo, a girly wine day with my closest friend, and visiting my lovely mother!

Reading... Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher.

Playing... plan for Rome, catch up on sleep, and preparation for this weeks plans.
Watching... Gilmore Girls, although I'm halfway through season 7, BOO!
Trying... to get everything sorted for my holiday to Rome and stop spending so much money.
Cooking... lunch in a few moments, although I'm not sure what.
Eating... nothing as of yet, but lunch will happen after this post is uploaded :)
Drinking... Coke because I'm naughty and couldn't help myself whilst I was at the shop.
Calling... my lovely mother to arrange future plans and just because I miss her like crazy.
Texting... mainly just my mother, I seem to use facebook messenger to connect with most other people.
Pinning... home inspiration and Christmas ideas
Tweeting... about my blog and life in general
Going... to Rome very soon!
Loving... Giovanna Fletcher's books, they are so good!
Hating... that I still have around 8 shifts until it's holiday time.
Discovering... lots and lots of new books and authors!
Thinking... about what's going come from my next hospital appointment
Feeling...  alot better than I have during previous days.
Hoping (for)... Good results, always good results.
Listening (to)... Taylor Swift, it's always TayTay.
Celebrating... the facts that I've been blogging a lot more than usual!
Smelling... nothing actually, I need to get some candles burning.
Ordering... Christmas presents and books, I can't help but order books!
Thanking... my partner for everything that he does for me.
Considering... whether I want a new house or an extended house.
Starting... to wish I wasn't coming to the end of Gilmore Girls!
Finishing... Gilmore Girls

What are you currently up to?


  1. Yay for Gilmore Girl! and have a blast in Rome! It's such an amazing city!

    1. Love Gilmore Girls, and I'm sure I will! So excited :) xx

  2. I've never been anywhere in Europe, but Rome is definitely one place on my list!

    1. It's the place I'm most excited about visiting!

  3. You're ordering christmas presents already!? You're on top of your game, great job :) I'm always one of those people that freak out a week before ahahah

    1. I'm always super prepared for Christmas, I get really excited, plus I love shopping for presents haha


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