Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 22 | Fall Favourites

Ahh Autumn, the best season of them all. I've waited a year for this moment, and I can already see the leaves turning into the most beautiful of colours

Thursday, Sept. 22: Fall favorites. Share your must-haves for this season.

Fall Favourites:

 Crunching leaves. Pumpkin carving. Cozy clothes. Caramel apples.
Crisp air. Pumpkin spice. Colours. Candles. Halloween.
Hot Chocolate. Sweaters. Boots. Fall photoshoots. 
Baking. Christmas is closer. Shows come out of hiatus. 
Horror movies. Dark nights. Fireworks. Scarves. 
Lots of cuddling. Staying in with a good book. 

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