Friday, 16 September 2016

The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 16 | It's time to put my feet up

Friday, Sept. 16: How do you de-stress/take care of yourself?

I'm stressed ALLLL of the time, I'm just a natural stress head, and it's something I can't break. So inevitably there comes a point when I can't take it and I just need to stop for a moment and take the time to look after myself. 

Sleep. Sleep is the best fix when I'm stressed and need to look after myself, I just need to sleep straight through and have a lovely lie in, which is something that NEVER happens. 

There are quite a lot of things that will help me to de-stress and the main on is probably reading, having new worlds at my finger tips, and having the ability to get lost inside them. I love watching movies and just forgetting about the world around me, or even just listening to music whilst relaxing on the couch, and one of the best ways is a lovely relaxing bath.

Tomorrow I'll be taking the time to de-stress and take good care of myself. I now have 16 days off, and most of that will be spent at home just watching movies, TV shows, playing games, and reading books...I CAN'T WAIT!

How do you de-stress?

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  1. Reading is probably my number one stress reliever too!


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