Monday, 12 September 2016

The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 12 | Books, the greatest weapons in the world

Monday, Sept. 12: Three books! One you just read, one you're currently reading, and one you want to read.

Recently read: Billy and Me

This fantastic book was the first written by Giovanna Fletcher, whom I adore, and is a book of absolute dreams. I've never really been once for romance, I first read books by John Green which I loved, then moved onto these, and I'm now hooked! Ahh Billy can only imagine how dreamy he is, and I must admit that I've fallen in love with him after reading his book. This book is seriously the sweetest thing ever and I can only pray that it's made into a film. The book follows Sophie May, a young lady living in Kent with her mother, and working in a quirky coffee shop with her best friend Molly. Sophie is quite a shy and anxious person and is completely swept away when big time movie star  Billy Buskin turns up in town to film one of her all time favourites, Pride and Prejudice, which also happens to be one of my favourites! This really is a book about chances, a book about risking everything for love. Ahh it's such a beautiful love story.

Currently reading: Always with love

After reading Billy and Me I did actually read Christmas with Billy and Me, but it was such a short story that I don't really have much to say about that. It obviously followed Billy and Sophie through the Christmas period, bringing us to Always with love. This is another beautiful read, although I'm about 3/4 of the way through, so I'm not quite at the end yet. During this book we follow Billy end Sophie to Los Angeles where they are spending New Years with Billy's family. Billy ends up accepting an offer for a new movie meaning he's staying in LA for awhile whilst Sophie sets back off to Rosefront Hill. In this book we see the challenges they are faced with when their relationship turns long distance...

Reading next: Dream a little dream 

The next book I plan on reading is another by Giovanna Fletcher as I'm working my way through all of her books before I start on anything new. I actually don't know all too much about this book, I just know that I want to read it! This book follows Sarah, a lady who has been single for the last two years, and has spent an uncomfortable amount of time around her ex, his perfect girlfriend and all of their mutual friends. No ones surprised when she starts dreaming about a handsome stranger and begins looking forward to sleeping every night, but it all gets a little strange when her dream-stranger turns up in the real world! This is actually the first time I've read about this book and I'm now super excited to read, eek! 

What are you reading at the moment?
What would you recommend? 


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