Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 11 | Instragrammers to look out for!

Happy Sunday! This is a super late post because I've just got in from work and totally forgot to schedule a post! I'm so sorry, but I object to failing this challenge.

Sunday, Sept. 11: Round up of your favorite Instagrammers! Who should we follow?

Today we're talking all about those instagrammers you should be looking out for. Now I don't want to bore you by writing an essay on who and why you should follow people, so i'll leave some pictures and links so that you can all see for yourself.

Giovanna Flettcher

Phillip Bloom

Humans of New York


Who would you recommend following?

Happy Instagramming!


  1. These recommendations are fantastic - thank you so much for sharing them!

    the Noveltea Corner

    1. It was a late post so I had ALLLL day to think about it :) x

  2. Hello there, isn't this blog-tember such a fun thing! I am loving all the new blogs we can discover! Thank you for sharing your fave IG accounts, I am off to check them out now!


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