Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 10 | A day in the life of Ashleigh

Saturday already? This week, month, and year are just flying by! How are you all? I hope life's being kind to you today :)

Today I'm going to be giving you a little glimpse into my day to day life. Unfortunately I'm in work today, boo, so I won't be able to share pictures every hour, however I will still talk you through my day, yay!

Saturday, Sept. 10: A day in your life! Take us through it with you by sharing a photo each hour of the day.



So far this morning I have rolled out of bed for work, despite not wanting to, and have managed to get ready in less than 15 minutes! I mean, no I haven't put any make up on, but I was still out of the door in remarkable timing! So I jumped out of bed and straight into my clothes, brushed my teeth and made my hair look somewhat presentable. Following this I raced downstairs to make sandhwiches for lunch, just chicken paste, nothing too exciting haha. I'm now sat on the bus on my way to work reading Billy and Me and listening to McFly.

Instead of another bus photo, I've opted for a screenshot of what I'm listening to! Since getting off my last but I visited the cash matchine inside the bus station, which happened to be out of order! I find this funny because I was tempted to withdraw enough money yesterday for today's but, but de used against it! I spent a good 10 minutes walking around Warrington town centre looking for a working cash machine, I tried another one that didn't work before being able to withdraw my bus money. I'm now sat on the bus heading off to work, and as I start at 9am won't be able to take all too many pictures. after getting into the building, using a lift to get to the top floor, I logged onto my computer and then spent a good 20 minutes reading before it was time to start.

I'm off the bus and at work, something I'm not excited about on a Saturday morning when I'm super tired and not feeling so good. As it got to 9am I was beginning to log into the systems and low and behold "incorrect username and password" appeared on my screen. We have attempted to unlock my account and try again but have been left with the same response, I've been locked out of the computer. I've been spending a lot of my morning running to and from the bathroom because of the constant need to empty my bladder along with the constant feeling of being sick.

I've spent the last hour pretty much doing nothing! As I can't log into the systems in order to do the work, this means I can't access the Internet to do anything. 


Still at work, still locked out! 


I was told they no one is in who has the ability to reset my password meaning that I would be locked out ALLLLL day, could this prompt have came on a worse day? Haha.

I had lunch, that was nice. I ate some of these beautiful potato cakes that I home baked myself :) following that I sat next to a colleague observing their work.

I spent a lot of time running to and from the bathroom because oh my god the need to pee is strong with this one! Seriously, this is unreal.

I had my second lunch which involved me just having a little read of Always With Love, which is a beautiful book by Giovanna Fletcher, and I would certainly recommend it! 

Guess what I'm doing? Absolutely nothing. I really don't have much to tell you about my day at this point. Oh! I sneezed! There's a bit of excitement for you :) The lack of doing anything continued up until home time :(

HOME TIME! I got home about half 8 and have my food and then went to bed where I read for a little bit then slept as I had work the next day!

What are you up to today? 

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