Monday, 29 August 2016

August Glossybox

This is a little bit late, and I accidentally forgot to show my July box, but here's the August glossybox! This months box design was a little different that usual, this being because it was their 5th Birthday, woo! So they decided send out a limited edition box, and it's quite simple, but I like it.

So this is the boxes contents and I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed with this box, especially considering it was their 5th Birthday. I was highly anticipating beautiful make up and soft creams. This box featured 2 full size products, 1 full sized little bag? and 2 sample products. It's funny because my favourite part of this box is the MUA make up palette that I could pick up from Superdrug for just £4. However I am looking forwards to trying the Spa to you deep pore facial cleansing brush, I've had good experiences with this brand. 

MUA Eye Shadow Palette - Full Size 

RRP / £4


So the first product we have is an MUA make up palette, Glossybox gave us the chance to choose our own palette, I chose Hall of Fame,just because this palette has the most eyeshadow I'm likely to use. It's highly pigmented and contains 12 lovely colours, and lets be honest, you can never have too much eye shadow!

Spa to you - Full Size 

RRP / £6.99


Next we have the Deep pore facial cleansing brush my spa to you, a brand that I do thoroughly enjoy every single time I use one of their products. The soft bristles are specially designed to help buss away dead skin cells for a deep but gentle facial cleanse. The combination of silky soft bristles and silicone cushions also help to massage the skin in order to improve microcirculation for renewed radiance. All you need to do in order to get the best results from this product is wet the bruch and apply your cleanser and then you'll be winning at life!

Mudmasky - Sample size

RRP (full size) / £53


This month we also received a facial detox purifying recovery mask by Mudmasky. Now I'm a sucker gor a good face mask, so I am happy with this product, I would just rather have received a bigger sample, possibly a full size seeing as it was a Birthday edition. Now this is one of the first PH-balanced facial treatments, it's formulated using all-natural ingredients and contains no parabens, but still manages to fully detoxify the skin. This mask also refines and tightens pores, hydrates brightens and smooths skin and generally gives it a boost. In order to get the best results we have been told to use this one a week, so I'll be trying that starting this week, and hopefully we'll have a go to face mask!

Cowshed - Sample Size

RRP (full size) / £20


Now this is a product I'm yet to try and completely unsure whether I'm likely to, I really don't like the way it smells. Although I'd never judge a book by it's cover, so many I should give it a chance. This products it said to give you an energy boost due to its boosting blend of Lemongrass, Ginger, and Rosemary. It moisturises the skin with Shea and Cocoa Butters. It's made using natural ingredients and is packed full of skin-loving essential oils.

Rae Feather - Miniature size

RRP / £20


The final item we received this month is a mini monogram pochette that I can't say I'm too keen on. It just feels a little cheap, like it could fall apart at any moment. I'll probably keep a couple of things in it at home, but highly doubt I would ever use it as a make-up bag or take it out with me anywhere. 

Like you've probably guessed or I've probably mentioned in this post, I'm not really that happy about the August Glossybox. I just think it was a little disappointing considering this was their Limited Edition Birthday box. I'm looking forward to seeing what the September box is like, hopefully it will encourage me to continue with this subscriptuon

Are you subscribed to Glossbox?
Tell me what you thought of the August box!


  1. Does everyone get the same things in each glossy box every month or are they always different? Xx

    1. I think everyone pretty much gets the same thing hun xx


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