Sunday, 19 June 2016

June Glossybox

I've been interested in these monthly subscription boxes for awhile now, and I finally decided to sign up for one. After spending days upon days researching, watching more videos than I could ever remember, I finally decided to sign up for Glossybox!

Now the first thing I was blown away by was how beautiful the boxes are, it's such a lovely pastel pink, and it's so simple yet elegant.

As you can see from this picture of the boxes contents, in this months glossy box we received 5 full size products, and one bonus sample. The boxes contents were worth around £60 and I must say that it was a fantastic first box!

Ladvial - Full Size 
RRP / £19.99

So the first product we have is the sun protection spray by Ladvial. This product is SPF 15, which is something that really disappointed me when opening the box because I'm really fair, and had this have been of a higher SPF I would have definitely used this! This product does sound very good though, and I may still give it a try as it's scientifically proven to protect four types of UV rays, and I'm now one to judge a product without at least giving it the benefit of the doubt and trying it. 

Emite Make Up - Full Size
RRP / £12.50
Shop /
The next products is a lovely lip and cheek tint by Emite make up. This is a two in one tint for both lips and cheeks, which I think is a great thing to throw in your handbag, there's nothing like a two in one product! 

Starskin - Full Size
RRP / £8.50
Shop /
What's this? ANOTHER FULL SIZED PRODUCT! Here we have Eye Catcher, a smoothing Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask by Starskin. I'm yet to use this product, so I am unable to give my opinion on this products, but I must admit that I am excited to use this. Reading from the leaflet though, I know that this product is soaked in vitamin rich serum, they are super hydrating and are quick to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Dark circles are something that bothers me a lot, so knowing their claim to reduce this intrigues me into using this product soon.

Spa To You - Full Size.
RRP / £6.99
Shop /
This months new discovery product is the Konjac Sponge by Spa To You. This is a very interesting product, upon opening this I was amazed by the sponge, and am really enjoying using this product. So this is the latest cleansing trend from Japan and Korea, they are made from the natural fibres of the konjac, which is a porous root vegetable. 

De Bruyere - Full Size
RRP / £9.48
Shop /
This is an After Sun Lotion by De Bruyere, and is another full sized product. This is another product that I am yet to use. This is for skin that feels a little sensitive after a day in the sun or to simply help prolong your summer tan. It's enriched with gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil, alongside vitamin E. 

Aussie Hair Care - Sachet 
RRP / £1. 09
Shop /
We also received a bonus product this month, which was a 3 minute miracle reconstructor deep conditioner. Now this is something I will definitely use as Aussie my hair brand of choice.

 I'm incredibly pleased with my first Glossybox, and really hope they continue to be as good, or better than the previous. I'll also continue to share the contents of my box with you here every month!

Are you subscribed to Glossbox?
Tell me what you thought of the June box!

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