Wednesday, 6 April 2016

SeaWorld Kills!

SeaWorld Kills!


I have taken it upon myself over the past few months to read as much material as possible, to learn as much as I can about the Orcinus Orca. I have done this to try and understand their behaviours, and after doing this have finally took the plunge and decided to watch the incredibly fascinating documentary that is 'Blackfish', a documentary that focuses on the lives of these highly intelligent creatures at the popular park SeaWorld.

Orcas are highly social animals, but under no circumstances does this mean that we can take them away from their natural habitat, their family, and randomly throw them into a concrete tank with other Orcas. Each 'family' of Orcas is different to the next, they may be the same animal, but their DNA is completely different, their behaviours, personalities, and language too.

After watching this documentary, I have been left completely heartbroken at the idea that anyone can think that the way these animals have been captured and treated is in any way humane, that anyone can blame these animals for becoming aggressive.

I'm going to be honest with you now and tell you that when I first began to watch this documentary, I thought that anyone who died at the flipper of an Orca was asking for it, but after watching this I came to discover that these trainers aren't the ones in the wrong, they have always loved these animals. I completely believe that if these trainers didn't take it upon themselves to care for these animals so deeply, then their lives would have been far worse. You can tell that these trainers truly feel sorry for these animals, but they can't really do anything about the way the owners treat them, because they are just employees after all. 

It's not hard to understand why these animals can become aggressive, why they have killed. You can't take something out of the Ocean, separate it from it's family, and expect it to be happy performing for your entertainment. 

SeaWorld need to have a change of heart, they need to start moving the captive orcas and other marine mammals to transitional coastal and wildlife sanctuaries. 

Orcas can live far beyond 50 years in the wild, but in captivity? they will be lucky to reach 30. Is this really the life we want these intelligent creatures to live?

If you care as much about this as myself, then head here to let them know how you feel, then head here to show everyone else how you feel!

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