Sunday, 17 April 2016

Currently in April

Currently in April 

Reading... Looking for Alaska by John Green.

Playing... Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain + Fallout 4 + Mincecraft Story mode + still playing a little bit of The Division.
Watching... Superantural season 10 and a lot of Family Guy and American Dad because it's all I have time for after work.
Trying... to feel better because I've been so ill lately.
Cooking... absolutely nothing because my appetite is none existent. 
Eating... nothing much at all, I can't wait until I begin to feel better.
Drinking... water, just water.
Calling... companies that I'm interested in working for. 
Texting... My mum because I haven't seen or spoken to her properly for awhile., beauty and travel,
Tweeting... all about my blog, as well as my instagram posts.
Going... to Rome in September
Loving... my partner. 
Hating... SeaWorld, and basically any human or company that harms animals.
Discovering... that I really need to find a job that makes me happy.
Thinking... about the charity work that I can do.
Feeling... like I need a massive career change.
Hoping (for)... one of these job interviews to be a success. 
Listening (to)... a lot of Taylor Swift and Little Mix lately.
Celebrating... the amount of job interviews that I have lined up.
Smelling... nothing, my nose is completely bunged up.
Ordering... nothing actually, but I suppose that's something that's likely to change shortly, there are so many games I would like, so many books and, so much pandora jewellery...
Thanking... My partner for every little thing he does for me.
Considering... sleeping, I just need to feel better.
Starting... to get excited for future job prospects, I have so many interviews lined up!
Finishing... this blog post! and The Fault in our Stars which is on my TV screen as we speak. 

Friday, 15 April 2016

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures 

"I don't believe in guilty pleasures. If you enjoy something, there's nothing guilty about it."

Everyone has those little things in their life that fill them with absolute delight. These might be the things we believe to be our guilty pleasures, the things that we think others may see as strange.

My Guilty Pleasures:

  • I REALLY do still enjoy Hannah Montana, I just can't stop listening to here or watching her movie! I just love, LOVE, LOOVVEE her!
  • I haven't done this for a very long time, but the idea is always at the back of my mind...I use to always pour icing sugar mix into a cup, make the mixture and just sit and eat it, YUM!
  • I adore baths, I know a lot of people like baths, but I could just lay in one for my entire life (providing it's always warm) and it would be perfect.
  • Everyone knows that I LOVE movies, but I will watch ANYTHING, no matter how soppy, or how cheesy, I will probably still love it, and most likely still cry because I seem to cry at most movies.
  • I completely hoard make up and beauty products to the point that I have far too much for onc person.
  • I'm a gamer, but Minecraft is most certainly my guilty pleasure. I'll only play it on adventure mode and I will literally spend hours upon hours just building things. 

So what are your guilty pleasures? 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

SeaWorld Kills!

SeaWorld Kills!


I have taken it upon myself over the past few months to read as much material as possible, to learn as much as I can about the Orcinus Orca. I have done this to try and understand their behaviours, and after doing this have finally took the plunge and decided to watch the incredibly fascinating documentary that is 'Blackfish', a documentary that focuses on the lives of these highly intelligent creatures at the popular park SeaWorld.

Orcas are highly social animals, but under no circumstances does this mean that we can take them away from their natural habitat, their family, and randomly throw them into a concrete tank with other Orcas. Each 'family' of Orcas is different to the next, they may be the same animal, but their DNA is completely different, their behaviours, personalities, and language too.

After watching this documentary, I have been left completely heartbroken at the idea that anyone can think that the way these animals have been captured and treated is in any way humane, that anyone can blame these animals for becoming aggressive.

I'm going to be honest with you now and tell you that when I first began to watch this documentary, I thought that anyone who died at the flipper of an Orca was asking for it, but after watching this I came to discover that these trainers aren't the ones in the wrong, they have always loved these animals. I completely believe that if these trainers didn't take it upon themselves to care for these animals so deeply, then their lives would have been far worse. You can tell that these trainers truly feel sorry for these animals, but they can't really do anything about the way the owners treat them, because they are just employees after all. 

It's not hard to understand why these animals can become aggressive, why they have killed. You can't take something out of the Ocean, separate it from it's family, and expect it to be happy performing for your entertainment. 

SeaWorld need to have a change of heart, they need to start moving the captive orcas and other marine mammals to transitional coastal and wildlife sanctuaries. 

Orcas can live far beyond 50 years in the wild, but in captivity? they will be lucky to reach 30. Is this really the life we want these intelligent creatures to live?

If you care as much about this as myself, then head here to let them know how you feel, then head here to show everyone else how you feel!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Chapter Four: April

I know, I know, I haven't been posting as much as I promised that I would this year, I definitely haven't been keeping on top of my goals as much as I had planned to, in fact I didn't even set any for the month of March! It's all going to change, don't worry your pretty little heads!

Hello glorious Friday! I never understood why people enjoyed Friday's so much, I guess most people finish work for the week, but not I! I think each and every day is just as beautiful as the next, maybe that's the reason why. To be honest with you, I don't seem to work that many Friday's although I am this week! I always find my days off to be hectic, even more so than my work days, maybe because there's so much that I need to do, and also so much that I want to do, and i just can't possibly find the time to do all of it.

It seems a little strange when you think of a new month starting on a Friday, it feels like the end of the week (even though it isn't) and I guess you'd just expect a new month to always start at the beginning of the week, I don't know.

Making April Happen

Monthly Goals:

1. Read 4+ books. I really want to get back into reading a lot more, it's something I miss, a lot! It's something I struggle to find the time to do, but something I will start making time for!

2. WRITE! Writing is one of the things I love the most, I just need to write more, it's going to make me happier, whether this is blogging, script writing, or even finally starting that book I've been meaning to start.

3. Blog at least once a week. I adore blogging about anything and everything, sometimes I do find it hard to find the time to do it every week, but that's hopefully going to change!

4. Read before bed. I need to find a way to wind down before sleeping, something that doesn't involve technology.

5. Watch 25 films. I adore films, every single kind, so let's see how many I can watch this month.

6. Say NO to fast food! It's usually without noticing what I'm doing that I purchase some form of fast food, this is the month that I won't touch any, no matter what.

7. Spending freeze. I find myself forever spending unnecessary month, how am I ever to save for my worldly adventures if I am to continue this way? That's why this month I won't be spending any money on anything I don't need, wanting something isn't a good enough reason to blow my dollar.

8. Enjoy the little things. Sometimes in life, the little things can be the most amazing things, these are the things that each of us need to learn to appreciate more, I need to appreciate everything a lot more.

9. Simplify. It's time to get rid of the things that aren't needed in my life, whether that be clothing, paperwork, or toiletries, it's time to make space for the things that I actually need in my life.

10. Be happy.

Weekly Goals:

1. Read an entire book every week.
2. Blog at least once a week.
3. Visit the cinemas.
4. Make time for writing.
5. Disconnect from the world once a week.
6. Sort through files and e-mails.

Daily Goals:

1. Read every night before going to bed.
2. Wear my glasses every single day.
3. Eat home cooked meals.
4. Take a photograph every day.

Do you have any goals for this month? 
Share them in the comments below!

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