Wednesday, 10 February 2016

What I'm Wishing For

I absolutely love browsing the internet, stumbling upon little treasures that would look much better in my possession. I don't need to sit here and waffle on when I can just show you everything I'm hoping for!

I've just moved into my beautiful house with my gorgeous partner and one thing that we're missing is cute little prints and just house decor in's a few things I've been hoping for lately.

I've never been one for wanting or wearing much jewellery, but lately I've found myself to be in love with a couple of Valentines pieces from Pandora, aren't they just to die for?

As a massive camera geek, probably the biggest you'll ever meet, I'm currently eyeing up a new camera, not just any camera, a go pro. I completely object to travelling to the beautiful city of Rome without one of these beautiful pieces of technology. 

There are so very many TV shows that I'm currently in the middle of watching, so many I need to catch up on.

And then there's a couple of books too...

I think that's about everything on my current wish list, not too much, haha! I'd love to hear what you're currently wishing for at the moment, share in the comments lovelies! 

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