Sunday, 14 February 2016

101 in 1001

101 in 1001

Hello lovely, relaxing Sunday! So for a couple of weeks now I've been working on my 101 things in 1001 days list and it's finally complete! I'm so happy to share this with everyone and to begin scratching things off.

1. Become the person I know I am.
2. Learn to enjoy the little things.
3. Take a picture every day for a year.
4. Become a morning person.
5. Spend a night with my family.
6. Visit Rome.
7. Pay off my overdraft.
8. Live comfortably with the money I earn.
9. Learn to cook.
10. Spend nothing for an entire month.
11. Write a book.
12. Find a job that I enjoy.
13. See a play.
14. Organise a photo shoot.
15. Carve a pumpkin.
16. Read all of Shakespeare's plays. 
17. Watch Penny Dreadful.
18. Host a dinner party.
19. Go and see one of my idol's in concert.
20. Volunteer.
21. Visit the Sistine Chappell.
22. Identify 10 constellations.
23. Donate blood.
24. Write 365 letters to someone.
25. Disconnect for a week.
26. Plant a tree.
27. Give to charity.
28. Dance in the rain.
29. Go to the zoo.
30. Send flowers to at least 2 people. 
31. Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin'
32. Go somewhere I've never been before.
33. Join a gym.
34. Complete a new game.
35. See a movie by myself.
36. Fly a kite.
37. Attend my partners, sisters wedding. 
38. Write myself a letter to open in around 10 years time.
39. Fill my journal.
40. Build a snowman
41. Spend a night in a luxurious hotel. 
42. Go ice skating.
44. Take 101 photos with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. (5/101)
44. Read the selections series.
45. Visit a Museum I have never been to before.
46. Join a book club.
47. Own 20 Warhammer 40k models. 
48. Paint all 20 models. 
49. Try a new meal. 
50. Read 24 books in one year. (2/24)
51. Bake a cake.
52. Make my own bread. 
53. Eat in 5 new restaurants. 
54. Go a month without eating any kind of fast food.
55. Get another tattoo.
56. Drop a few dress sizes.
57. Organise my e-mails.
58. Use my Canon 600D more.
59. Go hiking.
60. Watch a silent film.
61. Say yes for a whole day.
62. Watch IMDb's top 250 films. 
63. Own a real Christmas tree.
64. Make a cheesecake.
65. Grow my nails.
66. Get a manicure. 
67. Get my eyebrows done professionally. 
68. Have a Chilli as a restaurant.
69. Open an Etsy store. 
70. Visit an Aquarium.
71. See Wicked live.
72. Learn how to juggle.
73. Buy myself flowers.
74. Go camping. 
75. Go to a theme park. 
76. Finish a screenplay.
77. Enter a writing competition.
78. Comment on 50 different blogs. 
79. Upgrade my phone.
80. Use my gmail more.
81. Go out for a meal with my family.
82. Watch 10 documentaries. 
83. Send out Christmas cards.
84. Learn to wear heals. 
85. Spoil my mum for her Birthday. 
86. See my closest friends at least once a month.
87. Make a family tree.
88. Drink only water and tea for a whole month.
89. Find artwork/prints for our living room.
90. For a week, get up an hour before I have to for work. 
91. Make my own calendar. 
92. Wear my glasses every time I'm supposed to. 
93. Go for dinner and see a movie with my sister
94. Visit a castle. 
95. Watch the Die Hard movies. 
96. Go berry picking. 
97. Cook my way through an entire cook book.
98. Spend a Christmas just us two.
99. Wear no make up for an entire week.
100. Cook once a week on my own
101. Deposit £5 into my ISA for everything I complete, £10 for everything I don't.

Have you created your list yet lovelies? 

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