Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Letter To My Future Self

A letter to Granny A.

Dearest Ashleigh,

How's life been treating you? I hope the years have been kind to you, I know that you always feared growing old, I want you to know that if you're holding onto any grudges or if you have any regrets, then you should let them go, life's too short. I'm writing to you in the year of 2015, some would say this is the prime of your life, you've just turned 21 and I believe a lot will have changed since then.

2015 was the year that you moved into a new house with your dearest friend Stacey, the year you had a fresh start, I don't know how much of it you will remember, but at this moment in time you're absolutely loving it. You've been living here for nearly 3 months, I'm not going to lie to you and say that it has been easy, but know that this has been one of the best years of your life so far. How is Stacey by the way? I hope that she's still in your life, she should always be in your life, I'm not quite sure how you'd cope without her. This was the time in your life that you found out more about your bestfriend than you ever thought possible.

All through your childhood and young adulthood you found it quite hard to fully accept who you were and who you were always going to be, know that being at war with yourself for so long was one of your biggest flaws, know that you should have never hated yourself so intensely. I'd like to think that by now you fully appreciate yourself, you're worth so much more than you once thought.

You get addicted to things, quite easily actually, you have quite the addictive personality. You could literally watch Netflix none stop, for days on end, marathoning your way through Television Shows like there's no tomorrow. You currently have 3 different xbox consoles, you absolutely love to game, it's your way of switching yourself off from the world, you're known as the "geeky" friend. You drink a lot of water, I really do mean a lot, they say it's healthy to drink water, but probably not the amount you currently drink.

You find it quite hard to be alone, especially being alone in your home, it's something you haven't quite got the hang of. You sometimes find it incredibly hard to sleep at a reasonable time, although you love the morning, you love gazing at the sunrise, sometimes you just don't have the choice but to miss out on that, you have sleep tremors, usually more often than you don't. The world is something you love, you can't wait to travel, to explore the beauty that it holds, I hope that's something you managed to do, I know that if you didn't then that's probably something that you now regret.

You have an introverted personality, people often don't understand, most just think you're rude and that hurts to know. Talking to new people can often be hard for you, but you have the most wonderful friends in your life right now, you also have such an amazing boyfriend. OH YES! You have a boyfriend! How did that one work out? Was it the 'one' ? I hope so, I truly do. You've never been as happy in a relationship as you are at this present moment, you've never connected with someone so deeply, never had so much in common with one individual, don't ruin that, don't let that one get away. You're so loving, you care so deeply about so much, you risk your feelings too much and get hurt even more.

You're quite restless, you always feel like you should be doing something. You adore blogging, you've actually nearly been blogging for a year now, so congratulations! I hope that this never stops, this makes you so happy! You love music, I mean really love music, you absolutely adore Taylor Swift, she's your role model, she's always been your role model and you love her so intensely. You love McFly, they are your boys, a few years ago they joined up with James Bourne and Matt Willis to create the ultimate supergroup, McBusted, it's a wonderful experience, something you'll never forget, don't ever forget.

You've grown up so much in the past few years, you're so much wiser than your age.

You want to be a writer, a director, a zoo keeper, a singer, a photographer, a columnist, a time traveler, a forensic anthropologist and a demon hunter…I don't think you actually know what you want to be, but a writer seems to be the winning idea for you. You're a dreamer and a believer. You believe that time travel will one day be possible, you believe in extra terrestrial life, you believe in many conspiracies, in fact, you're practically Hodgins from Bones. You are kind, you believe that being kind is the greatest legacy that you can leave behind, you've been doing so much for charity lately, I hope that's something that never stops.

How's the family? I really do hope that everything worked out with you and Mike because you should never be alone Granny A, and he's so incredibly perfect. You find losing loved ones to be one of the hardest things in the world, you're not strong, not at all. Earlier this month, April 2015, your dearest Grandmother was sent to hospital, you were right to worry from day one, she's incredibily sick and you're currently incredibly heartbroken, I hope that everything will be okay because I know that you're going to hurt so much if it's not. Losing your Grandad was the hardest thing that you have ever had to experience, sometimes I look back and wonder how you made it past that moment in time, but you did and it was so hard. Think positive.

Remember 2015 as the year that was going incredibly awesome, apart from a few things, remember it as the year you truly understood what it was like to run your own house, the year you fell in love harder than you ever thought possible, and the year you made so many plans for the future.

I'll be seeing you Granny A, until we meet again…

Your dearest self, Ashleigh.
Aged 21.



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