Sunday, 29 March 2015

Walk in her shoes

During April I will be taking part in Care Internationals event 'Walk in her shoes'.

I'm taking part in this challenge as a way of supporting women and girls that live in developing countries, who from as young as 3 have spent their days walking to fetch water for their family. 

I will be walking 5 miles for 7 days, hoping to raise as much money for this charity as possible. I'm hoping to raise money to help provide safe water, that will be located closer to the families that currently have to trek for miles every single day. 

Please help by giving whatever you can, no matter how small the amount, anything will help make the difference that truly needs to be made. 

Compared to these women I feel extremely lucky. My life isn't overshadowed and restricted by a basic human need for food and water, why should theirs be?

'Give now' and help to make the difference that they truly need.

Until next time


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