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Stacey and Ashleigh in 2011
Background information
Also known asStacey & Ashleigh
OriginNorthern England
Years active2010 - Present
LabelsUltraviolet Productions
  • Stacey Rebekah Williams, Ashleigh Claire Parry


Stacey Williams (born 16 April 1993 in Whiston, England) and Ashleigh Parry (born 27 January 1994 born in Chester, England), known professionally as Stashleigh, or Pink Tits and Purple Tits, are a British institute of awesomeness. They are best friends and first appeared as Stacey & Ashleigh in the 2010 edition of Creative Media level 3 at St Helens College, generating a phenomenon of ironic hilarity described as "the pranksters on patrol paradox". They finished college in 2012 and were managed by themselves, who managed themselves for the entire duration of College. 

Stashleigh released a blog and a blog cast, The Stashleigh Blog, The Stashleigh Blog Cast and That One Photo Album On Facebook. The Stashleigh Blog and The Stashleigh Blog Cast had several hundred views from various friends and family members. They have released five blogs, including "Dear Stacey: The One Where Taylor Became A Part of Me" (About Ashleigh getting Taylor Swift lyrics tattooed to her arm), "Dear Ashleigh: The One Where I Freaked Out" (About McBusted releasing their first single), and "Dear Stacey: The One Where All Hell Broke Loose" (About Stashleigh spontaneously dying their hair).

Stashleigh are also known for their Ultraviolet Production Company, which consisted of photography and videography of various weddings, fashion photo shoots, Fairytale themed photo shoots, travel photography and wildlife photography. Stacey and Ashleigh's combined net worth was estimated at £204 in March 2015, and they have been ranked as the tenth most financially unsuccessful former St Helens College Students.

Early and personal life

Un-identical non-related best friends Stacey Rebekah Williams and Ashleigh Claire Parry were born separately, 9 months apart, in Northern England. Stacey's first school was Grange Valley Primary School, and from the age of 5 moved to Parish C of E Primary school, where she stayed for the duration of her primary school years. Ashleigh's first school was Murdishaw West Primary School, and from the age of 9 moved to Ashurst Primary School, where she stayed for the duration of her primary school years. Stacey then attended Cowley Language College for 2 years before being moved to St Cuthberts School of Business and Enterprise. Ashleigh then attended Haydock Sports College, where she completed the full five years. Stashleigh dreamed of attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but unfortunately their letters never arrived. The best friends planned to attend College to study media after their school years and were inspired by TV shows such as Doctor Who: Confidential. Stashleigh were both members of their respected school choirs, where they performed shows for Christmas and Summer concerts. In addition, they briefly worked as freelance photographers and videographers, working for companies such as Lionheart Paranormal Investigators and support football club Manchester United.


In 2010, the best friends applied to study Creative Media Production at St Helens College under the names Stacey Williams and Ashleigh Parry. Despite being described by tutor Janet McGreavy as "cheeky and incredibly annoying," Stacey & Ashleigh were put on the 3rd level of the course, they then made it to the end of the first year, where Jan selected them for the final year.

The best friends inclusion in the final year was a controversial decision, due to their lack of work and commitment, but McGreavy stood by them, saying "I don't know how people can hate two nice young kids from Northern England. They've been portrayed as intimidating and come across as the people everyone hates to love… but they're just raw, naïve and innocent and they have the potential to be really good."

Stacey & Ashleigh became known for their avoidance of work but enthusiastic Photobooth pictures, famously including the Dr Pepper photo, during which they held a bottle of Dr Pepper and declared their love for it. 

2012: Ultraviolet Productions (Not mentioned once, in fact this isn't actually a career)

After their departure from St Helens College, Stashleigh, now officially acting under that name, signed up to university, however they were unable to attend the same university so were made to go their separate ways, but remained as Stashleigh. Stacey went on to attend Edge Hill University, studying a BA (Hons) in Film & TV Production, whereas Ashleigh went to attend Liverpool John Moores University studying a BSc (Hons) in Broadcast & Media Production. Both hate their degrees and wish to leave immediately, and are still yet to receive their letter from Hogwarts. From February until September 2013, they both dropped out of their respected universities, where they were shunned for their decision to become drunken alcoholic lesbians (not actually lesbians, they were just associated as lesbians, and still are).

Their debut blog post "The One Where We Say Hiiiii" was a mashup of Stashleigh's hilarity, with the pair introducing their joint blog. In October Stashleigh's blog came to an end, after a successful month of back and forth blogging.

In December 2014, Stashleigh opened their first Soundcloud, and posted a 28-minute blog cast called "The One Where It Began". Due to unpopular demand, a second blog cast was never made. Stacey's mum rated the blog cast positively, saying that "Stashleighmania is right up there with Jedwardmania."

Stashleigh's second blog, titled "Dear Ashleigh: The One Where I Get Dick", was posted in October 2014 and failed to receive any views, aside from Stacey's Aunt (holla atcha Kerrie Williams). The same month, Stashleigh released their second blog, titled "Dear Stacey: The One Where All Hell Broke Loose!", consisting of them attending Meet The Vamps tour, and dying their hair, where they coined the names "Purple Tits" (Stacey) and "Pink Tits" (Ashleigh). 

Later in October, the best friends appeared at their friend Matthew Wiggins' party, named the 'Actual Halloween Party'. The comedy duo did not attend in fancy dress, and chose instead to go as themselves, something only these two geniuses thought to do. 

In December 2014, Stashleigh appeared at their friends David and Sean's party, named the 'Belated House Warming'. The comedy duo chose to drink alcohol for the first time in over a year, and proceeded to get very intoxicated. During the party, they ate pizza, sang along to Busted and Taylor Swift, before seeing the sunrise with an episode of Mr Bean and some noodles. In January, they appeared at the aforementioned Matthew's 22nd birthday party, named '22'. Here they got more intoxicated than the last party, and one half of Stashleigh ended up on the bathroom floor. 

Following this party, Stashleigh proceeded to find their own house and moved into it the day after Ashleigh turned 21. Later in January, the Ashleigh part of Stashleigh threw her own birthday party, titled 'When Twenty Met One'. This was attended by various college friends, including Matthew Wiggins, Jason Boardman, Adam Apple, and David Webster. However, Christopher Askew did not attend, after promising to, which made Stashleigh very unhappy. 

In January 2015, the pair took it upon themselves to become Russian. This lasted for several weeks and was a huge hit among their fans. They created fan-favourite quotes such as "In Soviet Russia, vodka drinks you" and "In Soviet Russia, shop enters you". This became an overnight internet sensation and trended worldwide on Twitter for 0.2 seconds.

Stashleigh Dance Moves Contest

Stashleigh have represented their household twice in the Stashleigh Dance Moves Contest, first in January 2015 and again in February 2015. We are still awaiting the moves of March.

When Twenty Met One
Stashleigh were two of around twenty guests at the 2015 birthday party of Ashleigh in Northern England with their entry of dancing to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars. On 31 January 2015, they won the unanimous selection, beating runners-up Jason Boardman and Matthew Wiggins by two million points. 

High School Musical
In February 2015, Stashleigh told Facebook and Snapchat that they were interested in again representing the Stashleigh household at the later cancelled housewarming soirée, to be held in the Stashleigh household in Northern England. In early February, Stashleigh announced that they would be learning some new dance moves, the choreography to High School Musical songs such as 'Bop to the Top' and 'We're All In This Together'. They failed to learn the correct moves, so were forced into using their self created dance move, 'The Upside Down Crab'. 

Other Appearances
Stashleigh appear in local shops in their community, performing their signature dance move, 'The Upside Down Crab', to unsuspecting members of the public. 


Since becoming Stashleigh in 2010, Stashleigh have been involved with a number of filming projects in Northern England, and have also appeared on game shows in Northern England. 

2010Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer Music Video DirectorCollege Work
2010Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-GoCamera Operator
College Work
2011Horror TrailerCamera Operator
College Work
iPod AdvertisementCamera Operator
College Work
iPhone AdvertisementActorCollege Work
News at NineFloor ManagerCollege Work
News at TenVision MixerCollege Work
Horror Trailer 2Camera OperatorCollege Work
2012Game ShowFloor ManagerCollege Work
News at NineFloor ManagerCollege Work
Documentary on Mental Health IssuesDid EverythingCollege Work
Documentary on the awesomeness of
Did NothingCollege Work
College Work
Interviews for SueCamera OperatorCollege Work
Interviews for Sue 2Camera OperatorCollege Work
2012People on the MoveCamera OperatorUniversity Work
2012Coffee And CigarettesCamera OperatorUniversity Work
2013-2014#Zumba200 hightlightsEditorUltraviolet Productions
Teafest CampaignEditorUltraviolet Productions
Lionheart Liverpool: The Macabre And MalineVideographer
Ultraviolet Productions
Fanta CommercialCamera Operator
University Work
The Self Help PhotographerEditorUltraviolet Productions
2015Self PortraitsPhotographerThemselves
They have also appeared as guests on Matthew Wiggins' television game show.

Other Stuff


Ashleigh is known among the XBOX community as 'RaggedyDoctor13' and is an avid gamer. She owns various consoles, such as XBOX Classic, XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE. Ashleigh is stated as saying that gaming 'makes her very happy', and it is also known that when she enters a gaming session, which can sometimes be every night, her sleeping pattern is completely destroyed. Unfortunately for Ashleigh, the Stashleigh household does not currently have a sustainable internet connection, and therefore Ashleigh is forced to play offline. 


In the popular action role-playing, first-person shooter game 'Destiny' created by Bungie, Ashleigh is known for playing as a female titan with no name. As previously stated, there is no internet, which therefore means Ashleigh cannot play the shared-world shooter. Ashleigh completed various 6-player raids, including 'Vault of Glass', on the game, increasing her level and gaining exotic weaponry and armour. 

Call of Duty

Ashleigh is also known to be an avid Call of Duty fan, and has been for a long, long time. She is quoted as saying 'I don't play COD for the campaigns, as I prefer multiplayer. I mean who buys COD for the campaigns anyway?!'

Advanced Warfare

On the newest Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Ashleigh is known among her friends for playing with the Bal-27 with a Red Dot Sight and Extended Mags, she uses the Lightweight, Fast Hands and Scavenger perks to go along with this. On this game, Ashleigh mostly plays the standard modes that are Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Uplink, as well as the same modes on the hardcore playlist. Ashleigh plays this game on both the 360 and one, and is rather good at quick scoping with a Sniper Rifle when she puts her mind to it.


On various other COD games, Ashleigh still doesn't play the campaigns, she sticks to the online multiplayer. Ashleigh tends to play with either a commando or galil with a red dot sight and extended mags, allowing her to play to her potential. On Call of Duty: Black Ops, Ashleigh plays the online multiplayer mode that is Zombies, where she takes on countless waves of zombies with other players. During this she tends to buy various perks and guns, as well at pack a punching them to give her the best chance of survival, her highest wave on Kino is 46. 


For this game, Ashleigh plays as a female Nord in Tamriel. She is especially known for using light armour and one handed weapons. Ashleigh is also a successful lock picker and uses various shouts during battle, including the most famous one 'Unrelenting Force.' When playing, Ashleigh always makes sure that she joins both The Companions, resulting in her becoming a Werewolf, as well as joining The Dark Brother Hood, making her an assassin. 

Ashleigh plays a lot more games, but quite frankly it would take us far too long to talk about them all, we don't have that kind of time.


Stacey is known for being a big fan of music. This stems back to when her mother would play her music whilst she was in the womb. Stacey is known among her friends as "The McFly Fan" and in more recent years "The McBusted fan" and "The One Direction Fan". She is often seen at live concerts, she began attending concerts at a young age and hasn't really stopped. She has seen artists such as: McFly, McBusted, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, The Vamps, 5 Seconds of Summer and many more. Stacey also owns a keyboard, acoustic guitar and ukulele and is known to play them from time to time.

Ashleigh is also known for her love of music, but she has no idea where this love came from. When she was 14 years old, Ashleigh began taking singing in school, where she drew inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. In more recent years, Ashleigh has created a Soundcloud account where she has uploaded several clips of her singing acapella to some of her favourite songs.


Stashleigh have been subjects of commentary on social networking websites such as Facebook where they are constantly kicked out of 'The Group Chat.' Their fans include Jason Boardman. Matthew Wiggins also backed the best friends, while Adam Apple said that he worried about them. Two leading British political parties, Labour and the Conservatives, each released campaign posters parodying the best friends. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown came under fire in November 2011 for describing Stashleigh "the greatest humans that ever lived" and later apologised for doing so. Following this, McGreavy stated "So Gordon Brown and I both have something in common: we both know that Stashleigh are the greatest humans that ever lived." Current Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that he enjoyed watching their work from St Helens College and that Stashleigh were his favourite students. Cameron also bought a T-Shirt with their faces on it. The Independent called Stashleigh "alright" even though the pair were voted more popular than Jedward in a made up poll.

Radio presenter Matthew Wiggins has also mentioned them on his Looprevil Radio show 'On Air With Chris & Matt' several times.

2012StashleighFunniest Double Act - Loaded Laftas AwardsNominated
Stashleigh "The overexposure they received during their time in St Helens College."Third place - The most Annoying People of 2011Nominated
2013Stashleigh "For becoming successful and being everywhere on Facebook."Second place - The Most Annoying People of 2012Nominated
Stacey WilliamsFirst place - The Most Easily DistractedWon
2014Stashleigh "For leaving college and entering University and becoming even more awesome."11th place - The Most Annoying People of 2013Nominated
StashleighFunniest Blogger Personality - Loaded Laftas Awards Funniest Double ActNominated
Stacey WilliamsPerson Who Went Missing in ActionWon
2014OMFG! Stashleigh's Dream FactoryThe Most un-seasonably Dressed PersonNominated
Funniest Blogger Personality - Loaded Laftas Awards Won
2015Wonderland Warblings was nominated for the versatile blogger award


Stashleigh are best known for their hilarious and memorable quotes, here is a list of a few of their finest.

  • "We're so in sync, we're like Justin Timberlake and another member of *NSYNC"
  • "It's not great, its just gravy"
  • "I'm on my way!" "You better hurry, the last bus was 9 minutes ago!"
  • "What's that?" "It's a new Nando's" "I thought it'd be open by now…" "Nah, its still a chicken farm back there"
  • "I think my finger is bleeding…oh wait, no its just pizza"

Status update: Stashleigh are still awaiting their letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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