Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Countdown - Top Ten Games For the xbox 360 - Ten: GTA V

Welcome to paradise.

10. Grand Theft Auto V 

As a whole, GTA has always been a game worth playing and for anyone who has enjoyed all or any of the previous Grand Theft Auto games; GTA V is most certainly a game that I would recommend for you. Every single aspect of this game screams awesomeness, it most certainly shows that video game makers are incredibly capable of creating something that is extraordinary. From flying over Los Santos, to having an intense Tennis Match, from having an all out riot to cruising around the city, this game really couldn't offer much more than it already does. 

GTA V delves deeper than many games before it, creating the ultimate gaming experience. Upon creating this game, Rockstar really made sure that they went out of their way to create something that would appeal to the gaming community. They ensured that even the smallest of details were included, take for instance the fact that when a character is wearing flip-flops, they will actually flop when walking, if you kick a car, you can actually cause damage to the car, your phone will lose GPS signal upon entering a tunnel, such fine detail has really helped to create an incredibly realistic game. 

Undeniably, the world of GTA V is essentially a masterpiece; it lures you in, and with good reason. The second you are lured into the world of GTA V, that's the second you become hooked. 

The offline mode is full of a wide variety of missions that could keep you busy for hours, days, weeks and months, you're not going to get bored of it too easily, there's just too much to do. There's no reason to stop once you've finished the story mode, there's far too much to explore, the visuals are just undeniably incredible. 

Then you also have the online version of the game, allowing you to roam the streets of Los Santos with other players. First off you have the ability to create your own character, then you can enter missions, including raids, races and more to gain money to buy houses, cars and much more. The online mode also gives you the ability to explore the city as much as you want, but watch out for other online players, some will set out to kill for no reason.

After releasing this game, there was essentially only one thing they could do to improve it, this would be to release it onto next generation consoles, which is something they chose to do during November of 2014, which only adds to this gaming experience. 

Grand Theft Auto V has been ranked 10th on my all time favourite Xbox 360 games, with very good reasoning.

 Check back here next Wednesday to find out what's ranked 9th on my all time favourite xbox 360 games, you might be surprised!

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