Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Reasons I am 20 and single

People fall in and out of love all the time and it's a huge part of life. 

Recently I have come to realise that there is no rush in finding the truest form of love. For we are still young and that should be enjoyed. These are the days we will never get back, this is our youth and we should live it for us. These are the years that we should be spending building a life for ourselves, a career, travelling and being happy. The time will come when love get's it's turn in life, that's the moment you start a family, expanding the life that you have created for yourself.

Never rush your life, enjoy being young whilst you are still young.

I'm currently 20 and single and do you know what? I'm loving it! Life's easier when you are living your life for you rather than for someone else. Your 20's are your selfish years and I aim to take advantage of that, I'm going to live my life how I want to, just for me. I'm going to finish uni, build a career and travel as much as possible.

Here's a list of the reasons I am currently single…enjoy?

Staying in > going out.

I have noticed a lot of people, some who I have been close to in the past, really don't understand my need and want to stay in rather than go out. Clubs are most certainly not my scene, I can't think of anything more that I would hate doing. I'd much rather spend my Friday evening with my xbox completing a Halo campaign or ranking up as much as humanly possible on Call of Duty (Maybe it's not a humane amount…maybe it's a little excessive) or even sat watching episode after episode of any television show on Netflix (Because I will watch them all, I don't care what they are about)

I want to travel.

Is it just me or does it become harder to travel the second you commit to a relationship? You might not agree with this, but your idea of traveling compared to mine might be a completely different thing. I want to be able to pack my bags and spend days, weeks, months or even years in a country just because I can and I don't want anything holding me back from this. People expect you to stick around for them but the second you start doing this you begin missing out on opportunities that could have changed your life. I want to see as much of the world as I possible can and preferably whilst I am young, I want to visit country after country, see things I've only ever dreamed about and it's the most exciting part of life to me. 


How can you commit to something at such a young age? How do you know where you're going to be in 5 years time, or what you're going to be doing. A relationship means tying yourself down, as much as most people won't want to agree with this, it's completely true! The moment you get into a relationship, every little thing in your life changes, maybe it's for the better, but from my past relationships I know that I have missed out on so many opportunities and I will never forgive myself for this…plus, I can't even commit to watching a film on Netflix, I often get bored, committing to a person is a much bigger thing, but you get the idea. 

Sleep makes me happy

I like to sleep, I really do and other people wouldn't understand. The moment you say "I woke up at 2 today" you are going to get some funny looks. It doesn't make me lazy! You don't know how long i stayed up the previous night!

My Best friend > You

My best friend is my soul mate and that's pretty much it. The hardest person for anyone to compete with is her. I basically have a life partner in her…minus the, well, let's not go into that actually. Everything I could ever want to do in life I could do with her, without the whole "commitment" thing. I want to get a house with her? That's fine, we're besties, we're never falling out! I want to travel? I wouldn't want to travel with anyone but her, mainly because we are hilarious and it would be the most amazing experience ever. The only person in this entire world who isn't going to judge you for who you are is your best friend  they don't care if you've been sat in the same spot for 2 weeks straight watching continues episodes of Supernatural in your pyjamas with no make up on, in fact, they will probably applaud you for the fact that you've managed to watch 5 seasons of Supernatural in 2 weeks, that's a huge achievement. 

I hate people

How can you be in a relationship with another human being when you generally dislike most of the human population? It's just not really going to work is it? People do irritate me though, the stupidity and eagerness to irritate one another…no thank you! I'll be fine with 28 cats thank you!

Fictional characters and celebrities

I'm in a one way relationship with WAY too many people (Jensen Ackles, Zac Efron, Louis Tomlinson, Danny Jones, Luke Hemmings, James McVey, Justin Long, Shaun Sipos etc) and quite frankly, I just don't think that there is any room in my life for another guy.

I'm waiting for a mad man in a box.

The Doctor will come, contrary to popular belief he will and we will travel time and space together, lot's of wibbly wobbly timey wimey fun will be had…

I have an unhealthy relationship with my xbox

My xbox is my entire world, if I could spend my entire life playing xbox I would…I should have became a games tester! Seriously though, I can't get enough, games are my life, it's the thing I do as soon as I walk in from a long day of university…although it stresses me out more than university. Everyone who plays COD probably needs anger management, I am included in this. OH! Guess what you can get on xbox? NETFLIX! My relationship with Netflix is just too much. I recently started watching Orange Is The New Black, it took me around 3 days to finish watching 2 seasons of this show…I can't explain this okay! 

I don't have the time!

I'm a University student, actually, I'm a final year University student! This takes up A LOT of time, especially with being in my final year, I am forever writing scrips, completing paper work, completing coursework, doing assessments and it really is very time consuming. As well as this I have to split my time evenly between my two best friends…my actual best friend (Purple Tits) and my xbox and it's extremely hard to distribute the time evenly between the two. I also have a family! I already have no time left and I have to find some hours in my week to see them! Can you see my problem now?

My Degree 

This is the most important thing to me in my life right now and nothing can come in the way of it. I have messed up so many times in my life and this is the time I need to get it right! My degree determines my career and I won't be happy with anything lower than a high 2.1/1st, I haven't got myself into around £50,000 worth of debt just to get a degree classification that I am not happy with!

10 other reasons:

1. My life is too busy as it is for a relationship.
2. I hate having to tell someone everything about my life…what I've done all day, where I've been etc. 
3. I can't base my life around another human being…
4. I can't cook and I hate cleaning…do it yourself please!
5. I want at least 18 cats.
6. I hate meeting new people.
7. The Internet...
8. If you're in a relationship, you're expected to share your pizza…I don't want to share my pizza.
9. Nothing beats a food night and movie/television show marathon…NOTHING!
10. I'm awkward.

This is just the reasons why I am single, I'm happy for all those who are in a relationship and are happy, good for you! Everyone is different and that's just not what I want right now. 

Live your life for you, be happy, that's all that matters! 

Until next time! 


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