Monday, 13 October 2014

I Guess I Lost Track Of Time

Hey guys, It seems like forever ago that I last blogged on here, I've been absolutely swamped!

I went back to University last month and if you know me then you will know that I am now in my final year. I always knew that my final year was going to be the most stressful but, I didn't know I'd get swamped with work so soon…

I haven't really done much since we last spoke apart from University. I did get a new tattoo and dye parts of my hair pink though, which is fun.

I'll definitely make more of an effort to blog, even if it's just once a week, I promise.

So how have you guys been? 

October's been pretty good for me so far, the other week my best friend and i spontaneously bought tickets to see The Vamps on the night of their Liverpool tour date and it was amazing! Do you like McFly? Did you like Busted? Well as everyone knows, they formed a supergroup (McBusted) and they recently released their first single as a band and it's just amazing, I highly recommend that you go and listen to it!

As well as this, Ed Sheeran recently released the music video for his single 'Thinking Out Loud' and it is absolutely beautiful, I'll let you take a look for yourself…

It's been a good month for music, I'm actually going to see Ed on the 28th October in Manchester with my best friend, I cannot wait, I've wanted to see him for far too long!

As well as this…Yes there's more music news! 5 Seconds Of Summer released their music video for their single 'Good Girls' It's amazing, I love it, it makes me want to rebel.

One last music related thing and then I will talk about something else. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift, you will know that her newest album '1989' is to be released on the 27/10/2014 and this week, tomorrow in fact, another song will be released from the new album, that song being 'Out Of The Woods'.

Whilst i am on the subject of Taylor Swift, I mentioned earlier that I did actually just recently get a new tattoo. Well, anyone who knows me will know of my love for Taylor, I've admired her for years, she's by far my favourite artist…ever! Well the tattoo I got was none other than the words 'Long Live' written on my wrist as a permanent reminder of my favourite ever song 'Long Live' I adore this tattoo, it's so beautiful and I am so glad I chose to get it.

There isn't much else to talk about really. Like I said, I am back in Uni now, so I'm rather busy with life, I've been spending a lot of time with my bestfriend which is just wonderful because she's like a sister to me.

Here's some pictures that describe my October so far!

Until next time!


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