Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Extinction is not okay.

Only six Northern White Rhinos are left in this world today. Only Six! This is not okay…

On October 17th, Suni, a 34 year old male northern white rhino was found dead in his enclosure. Although this had nothing to do with poaching, the fact that this creature is on the brink of extinction does.

People on this planet need to understand that each creature is just as beautiful and amazing as the next, we should be doing everything in our power to protect them, not take away their lives leaving them vulnerable.

How can people think that killing another animal for fun is the right thing to do? It's really not okay.

It really needs to end.

It's absolutely heartbreaking to know that human beings, people like you and me can cause something like this, can take away a beautiful creatures life and just continue doing it.

The worst part is that people like me and others in the world try and do everything that we can to try and stop things like this happening. Even by doing this, clearly we aren't doing enough, is it ever going to be enough? Are people ever going to stop harming other living creatures? People will do anything for money and it's sickening.

The world needs to change, so do the people in it. It's not the world that's a horrible place to live in, it's the people in it that are causing all of the damage that need to be stopped.

Action needs to be taken, things need to change…fast!

I hope that next time I post on this blog it's a happier post, until next time friends…


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