Friday, 19 September 2014

The Girl With The Red Hood: The Beginning

Hey guys!

I figured that I haven't really spoken to you about my Final year project recently, here I am with a little update!

So it's now the 19th September which means I am back in University and have been for the past week.

I recently had a meeting with my personal tutor about my project and he sounded a little unsure but that's just because I'm not very good at explaining the random ideas that are swimming around inside of my brain. I must admit, the past week I have actually been coming up with some really good ideas for this short film and I'm getting quite excited.

There's not much progress really, I've started bullet pointing the kinds of things I want in each individual scene which is going to guide me a little when I start my scripting, which should be in this next week! 

I'm not going to dedicate to giving you weekly updates because I might not have made any progress, what I will do is give you an update when I feel I have plenty to tell you!

The Girl With The Red Hood…you heard it here first!


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