Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day Twenty Eight: September Highs and Lows

Sept 28th: What were your highs and lows for this month?

Highs of September
- Spending a lot of time with my best friend.
- Getting a new tattoo.
- Shows are coming back! It's that time of the year where I don't want to leave my house because there is just too much to watch!
- My Student Finance came in on time!
- I have found myself a new style, it seems to be making me a little happier.
- I went back to University...
- I figured out my plans for my final year project.
- I have Demi Lovato tickets for November!
- I'm in the process of starting my own business with my best friend. 

Lows of September
- My little Hamster, Daisy, passed away.
- I spent a night locked out of my house.
- I went back to University…

It's been a pretty okay month but, it's coming to an end and I'm looking forward to October!


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