Monday, 8 September 2014

Day Eight: Music Is My Everything

Sept 8th: Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations!

"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't."
- Johnny Depp

Music connects with every single individual, no matter who they are. A single song, or even lyric can remind you of a certain time in your life, whether it be a song that reminds you of past memories or certain lyrics that remind you of somebody in your life, somebody you once knew. We often use music to occupy our minds whilst going through our everyday life. Music can emotionally move us, for many of us music is used as a distraction, or a means of communication between strangers.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. Taking it as a subject in school helped me to understand it so much more than I ever dreamed I would. 

"When you're down and lost, and you need a helping hand, when you're down and lost along the way, oh, just tell yourself, I'll, I'll be ok"

Although I'm only 20 years old, I have had some really rough times in my life and the one thing and probably only thing I have been able to count on to help me through is music, specifically McFly and Taylor Swift. Without these guys knowing it, they have been the biggest rock in my life, their music warms my heart in times of need.


When I was younger, I could never imagine loving 4 guys as much as I do now, these guys are 4 of the most amazingly talented and nicest guys you could ever lay your eyes upon. Everyone has bad day, no matter who they are and it's always nice to have something to cheer you up and for me, that comes in the form of four guys, more commonly known as being McFly!

"The world would be a lonely place, without the one that puts a smile on your face"

The goosebumps I get from listening to this band is insane, the intense feelings of absolute love gets me every time. When I really take the time to sit and listen to them I often become an emotional wreck. To have a band like this in my life, that can cheer me up at any moment and make any day amazing, no matter what, it one of the greatest thing I could ever ask for.

"The Heart Never Lies" is by far one of my favourite songs in the entire world. The feelings this songs gives me are incredible and the huge cheesy grin that appears on my face without even noticing. 

When McFly first came out, I absolutely adored them (although I was hurting from the Busted split) and I can honestly say (even though i never thought it was possible) I love McFly more than anything, more than I ever thought I could. I used to thing that I loved them on a huge scale, but that doesn't compare to my love for them today.

I still remember that moment in Manchester Apollo, the moment my life changed. This moment changed everything, the moment James Bourne stepped onto the stage and began to sing, it was truly amazing, but it was nothing compared to when he opened his mouth and started singing Year 3000, and that was certainly nothing in comparison to the tour we have just witnessed…the McBusted tour!

Being a girl who loved Busted and adores McFly, the announcement of this tour was possible one of the greatest moment of my life, to have been able to witness this more than once aswell was just absolutely amazing

I can't ever possibly thank the boys for how much they have helped me through life, how much they are there for me without even knowing it…we've just welcomed in a new era, the era of the galaxy crashers (galaxy defenders and wedding crashers…do you get it?) And I really look forward to what happens next, I can't wait to see where McBusted take us and I can't wait for McFly's next album…McFly are forever, never forget that.

Taylor Swift

Taylor has been my favourite female artist for a long time, I connect with her music on so many levels. She is probably one of the most loving and caring people that the celebrity world will ever know. When reading some of the things she has done to help her fans, or just to help people in general, it often brings me to tears.

"And I don't know why but, with you I'd dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless"

Taylor gives me the courage in life that I often need to get me through. I know that if I had never found her then I would probably be such a different person. Her words really speak, louder than anything I've heard before and they really get into my brain. 

She's so magical, she is everything any girl ever wants to be. Her music is magical, her tours are magical. This song "Long Live" is by far my favourite song…ever, this is a song that has really got me through some hard times in life.

Music is a lot to most people, to me…music is pretty much everything.

These are just two of my favourites, I love so many more artists and bands, but these two are in a way two of the biggest loves of my life.


Taylor Swift
One Direction
Ed Sheeran
Foo Dighters
Demi Lovato
5 Seconds of Summer
The Vamps


When an album first comes out by a band or artist that I love, I often spend a lot of my time playing that album on repeat, it drives so many people insane. At the moment I'm still loving Taylor Swifts Red album, Wonderland is still by far one of my favourite albums. I actually recently fell back in love with My Chemical Romance, so at the moment I cannot stop listening to The Black Parade also, Foo Fighters album Echoes Silence Patience & Grace and Ed Sheerans newest album X.


I'm a pop girl, I love pop, the smile it brings to my face is insane, I'm a bit of a rocker deep down, but pop is my truest of loves.

I adore music, it's helped me so much throughout my life…who do you love listening to?


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