Friday, 22 August 2014

The Best Intentions

In a world that's not often the nicest to live in, one thing that we should always try and do in life is be the best we can be. That includes being the nicest person we could ever possibly be and always having the best intentions at heart. We should always try and spread a little bit of happiness around wherever we go because you never know who needs it.

I have always done everything in my power to be a good person, to always do the right thing and I have always made sure that everything I do it with the best intentions.

Sometimes I look around me and notice all of the cruelty and hate in the world and I wonder why I try to be a good person. So many people don't care about others. When you bump into someone in the street, do you apologise? Or do you snarl and walk away? Apologising is the decent thing to do, it's just common courtesy really. I realise that I am who I am and live how I do because being a good person costs nothing and it can really put your life into perspective.

Everyone in their life has probably hurt someone, some purposely and some believing they were doing the right thing. Purposeful hurt is a lot more painful than accidental. I'm so scared of hurting peoples feelings or doing wrong in life that I tip toe around everything, unfortunately, sometimes it cannot be helped.

People are sensitive, and you might not think it, but your actions can hurt someone a lot. Words can hurt, people take things to heart and that means you can hurt someone without realising.

I will continue to live my life being a good person, apologising when I do wrong.

Spreading happiness and living life with the best intentions could make you happier than anything else.

Life is better when you're laughing


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