Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I want to break free

I feel like I'm trapped in one moment in time, nothing new happening, nothing to look forward to. It's just the same thing day in and day out, I need to get away…

I need to travel. I need to see what the world has to offer! I need to get out of my situation. All I want to do is start my life and I just can't.

The world is so big, so beautiful and I am stuck in this little town with nothing interesting every happening. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like for me if I was to live in a different country…maybe I would still feel the same, maybe I wouldn't.

It's hard to look around me and see everyone with their life planned out in front of them, with their jobs, their houses and children. It makes me wonder whether staying in education and going to university was a good idea. It has resulted in me not being able to start my life and that's all I want to do right now, I want to be free. I hate having to worry about getting assignments in on time and the one thing I cannot wait for is to not have to worry about getting an assignment in on time, it has resulted in so much stress. If there's one thing I hate about education it would be the fact that you're not free until it's over, you have to take your work home with you and you never, ever get a break…I need a break. I need to be able to feel stable and happy, with no stress. I hope that's what comes once I have graduated, I hope this isn't a permanent feeling. I have never in my life been so stressed over something as I have over university.

It sucks noticing how my life has nowhere near started in comparison to others. Those who didn't attend university now have jobs and children and for me? If that was to happen right now I would feel far too young, but I am 20 now and I think I forget that. We're not 16 anymore.

I'm going into my final year at University next month, it has absolutely flew by but it has been the most stressful experience of my entire life and I hope to never feel this much stress again, ever in my life. This is the end, it's finally going to be over! I mean I have enjoyed it, but by God have I hated it too.

I'm just looking forward to what the future has to hold, I'm looking forward to being free, having the time to relax and not worry about having that one assignment done on time. I can't wait to travel the world.

My life is about to begin and I hope the world is ready for me...

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