Friday, 8 August 2014

Flash bursts

Isn't it crazy to look around you and think about how one day, not so far from this one today, you will be an elderly person, like those whom you may talk to on the bus, it's a completely crazy thought

It'll happen in the blink of an eye. Suddenly everything will have changed and the only time you will notice is when you stop looking back at the days gone by and start looking at the years, that will be the moment you will wonder about how you got to where you are. Days turn into weeks, into months and into years, suddenly you're 60, 70, 80That's the moment you will look back, the moment you will still feel as old as you do right now. That moment will come, the moment you look into the mirror as your once young self and notice the change. You will look back upon the amazing life that you have  behind you and wonder how you got to this moment in time so fastit's as if you batted your eyes and suddenly you're much older than you once were. There will be flash bursts of past memories, they will all hit you at once and the only thing you will be able to do with them is smilethat's the moment you realise that you have made life your own.

Have you ever walked down the street or sat on the bus and noticed those whom are much older than yourself and wonder what they used to be like? When they were at the age we are right now…Their teenage/young adult years are now just a distant memory, a story to tell their loved ones. They are now parents, grandparents, possibly even great grandparents, one day that will be us.

When surfing the internet the other day I stumbled upon the following quote...

“Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different...”

― C.S. Lewis

This quote actually inspired me to write this post and it's possibly one of the truest quotes i have ever read. When you look at your life day by day you don't notice the change, everything happens gradully and over a long period of time, so long that you don't notice the changes. As soon as you look at the bigger picture, look at all the years that have passed by, you will notice every possible change, that's the moment it will seem like an eternity away. 

The future is always a interesting topic, it's quite a daunting thought, one day we will not be so young, so skinny and so pretty. You will never be as young as you are now, you will only age, but that just means you grow as a person too. The future is a wonderful thing, something to be excited about and you should be excited!

Life is just flash bursts of past memories, one day they will catch up with you and that's when you will notice how much has changed.


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