Tuesday, 19 August 2014


So yesterday was Taylor Swifts yahoo world wide live stream and congratulations to her for making history by being the first to do it.

Now, I consider myself to be a huge Taylor fan. I have followed her through her career, through all of the different era's and now it's time to say goodbye to the Red era…BUT! We get to welcome in the 1989 era!

Taylor had so many surprises for us lucky fans within her live stream yesterday and if you watched i am sure you will already know.

First Taylor announced a new song called Shake it off and it was completely different to anything she has ever done before. Now Taylor is more commonly known for being a country singer but she has always had a hint of pop in there too and often her music has been related to various different genres. What I love is that she doesn't write her songs to fit into a specific genre, she writes them and whatever genre they are then they are.

No matter how much you think her music changes and grows you have to understand that she is still young and she is still growing as a person, so her music is going to go in various different directions.

Taylors songs always mean something to her, they always have hidden meanings and they are truly songs from the heart and it doesn't matter what genre her music fits into because they are still her songs. At the end of the day they are still words from her brain.

Following the announcement of her amazing new song we also found out that she was actually releasing a new album called 1989.

Along with this album will come 13 Polaroid's which I'm quite excited about. Not every single one will be the same, so we could all end up with completely different ones and it seems like with that we're getting more of an insight into Taylor's life. As well as that on the deluxe edition of the album there will be 3 extra tracks and usually they would be songs but this time they aren't. They are actually phone voice notes back from when she was coming up with the songs, so they might be really random but they could also be really personal too and I think it's amazing that these will be released onto the album too.

Now Taylor has said that this album is her favourite album and as shocked as I was when I heard the first song I now absolutely adore it and I adore her, so I know that if she loves the album that I am absolutely going to love it too.

I think we all knew that she was going to be announcing her new album during this live stream but one thing I didn't expect was for a new music video. Now again, this is very, very differnet to any music video Taylor has ever released but that doesn't mean it isn't good. In fact I loved it, it's so fun and different, very, very different. If i was going to write a song and release a music video I would have done it the exact same way!

Taylor you have really outdone yourself this time and guys if you're a Taylor fan and you don't like this new song then don't worry because Taylor will just shake it off!


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