Monday, 21 July 2014

The Girl With The Red Hood

In previous posts I have talked about how in September I will be entering my third and final year of University. It has been a really challenging and life changing experience and I am happy to say that I did make the right choice by going to Uni. I think it made me grow as a person.

During my final year I will have numerous large projects to work on, the biggest of the lot being my dissertation. Every part of uni is important, but I would say that this project is the most important because it's worth the most amount of marks, is essentially the biggest project and I will get to do exactly what I want to do for this project.

I have spent my entire summer so far thinking about this project, trying to figure out what is the best idea to go with. I have came up with ideas of both documentaries and short films.

The idea I have chosen to go with, and will not be changing whatever the cost, will be my own adaptation of the children's story Little Red Riding Hood…The only thing is my interpretation of this story will not be suitable for children at all.

As a huge horror fan I have always dreamed about bring my own horror creations to life in the form of films, and I have never really had my chance to completely shine, but with this, with God as my witness I will shine. I love the idea of taking children's stories or even fairytales, twisting them and tuning them into something quite gruesome and bloodthirsty.

So getting back to the topic of focus here, I will be naming my short film The Girl With The Red Hood. My version of this story will be a lot more modern and realistic, with the entery of things such as phones, modern costumes and the biggest difference of all will be there will be no appearence of any wolf at any point in my film. The bad guy will actually be a psychotic stalker who stumbles upon a personal item belonging to the girl with the red hood, which sparks his dangerous obsession…

The ideas I have came up with for this film will clearly be rather bloody and gruesome as I want to twist the original story and make my creation the complete opposite

I look forward to sharing my journey of creating this film with all of you and I will post anything from weekly to monthly updates with my progress on this project

Remember never stumble through a forest alone, you don't know who's watching…

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