Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Stakeout Festival 2014

So much has been happening recently, and I’m just so excited! It gives me faith in my career when things like this happens, it gives me faith in people to know they appreciate my help and actually want me to be involved in something huge! I was so excited about this that I absolutely had to post for the second time today.

A few months ago, both my boyfriend and myself were working at an M.S charity event at Osqua’s Bar/Event space in Liverpool, when a man named Paul Lloyd approached us. He owns a Liverpool based company called Unsigned City whom works with unsigned musicians and bands around the local area, helping them gain gigs and much needed promotion. After talking for a while we exchanged contact information and kept in touch and actually all became good friends.

We are now working alongside Paul to create a Liverpool based music festival called Stakeout festival. This will be taking place on the 28th and 29th of November and will be spread across 5 unique venues across Liverpool, consisting of a growing list of amazing bands. We are aiming to provide unsigned musicians and bands the promotion they require on a large scale, as well as providing a platform in front of a large audience, including talent scouts.

I personally am in charge of bringing together the best possible videography team to film the event to allow us to create an amazing promotional video for future stakeout festivals. As well as this I will be photographing the event, this may include being on the stage to get the required shots

I am absolutely blown away already by what’s been happening with this festival, with all of the bands messaging us asking to be involved, it’s just insane that I am a part of something that hopefully will end up the biggest festival in Liverpool, or if not the biggest just very successful!

When I look back to the last few months I cannot help but think about how different life would be right now if we had never attended the charity event. It’s crazy how one small moment can change everything. How one conversation with a stranger, something that seems so insignificant at the time can actually impact your life so much

I cannot wait to see what the festival bring us and I couldn’t ask for a better team of people to be working with. We are going to face so many obstacles and challenges along the way and do you know what? I can’t wait because we will overcome every single one of them and this festival will be amazing!

I’m going to continue posting about my progress and the progression of the festival, especially for those of you interested in attending

It’s time to have a stakeout!

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