Monday, 28 July 2014

Lionheart Liverpool

Over the past year I have been working very closely with a paranormal team located in the city of Liverpool. Lionheart Paranormal Investigators are a paranormal research team whom specialise in investigating people stories, finding the truth behind them, as well as offering various events.

During the time I have spent working with this team, I have found it to be a very different experience for myself, I've found it rather fun and interesting to be working with a team like this as it's something I've never really done before, but have always wanted to do. Being a person who enjoys anything to do with learning about the paranormal, I've grown to be quite fond of these events.

It was quite awhile ago that I was contacted by Kevin Hale, the man in charge, and asked to join them on one of their paranormal investigation events. I was asked to come down with my camera to St James Gardens, located behind the Anglican Cathedral, and create a short film of the event. Whilst there I got to enjoy the stories being told whilst still working, I found it to be very interesting and informative, it really opened up my mind and helped me to delve into another world.

For anyone who's interested in this kind of thing and has considered attending an event something like this one, I would really consider doing it, even if it's just the once, I assure you, you may get hooked!

Following this i have become quite good friends with Kevin and have attended various other events, including one at the Pilgrim Pub and also being involved with creating short documentaries.

Recently I was contacted again about a Halloween event as The old Great George street Chapel and Graveyard for an overnight event. This event will be a live paranormal investigation at one of Liverpool's most famous buildings. As well as having a live paranormal investigation there will also be a medium on site and various equipment such as EMF Meters available for use.

I'm looking forward to working at this event, creating an in depth video. It will be extremely interesting to see what happens, even if it is through my camera lens.

I have a feeling this is going to one of Lionhearts best events yet and i urge you to all join us!

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