Monday, 14 July 2014


Hey guys! so this is the first post on my nice shiny new blog! This is just a quick one so that I can introduce myself to the world of blogging.
I've never had a blog like this, my past blogs have always been quite silly and random, just rambling about things I love, but this time I wanted to do it differently. I wanted to do this seriously. So again, hey there, I'm Ashleigh, I guess it's good for you to know my name right?…
i'm a 20 year old University student, I'm currently studying Broadcast and Media Production at Liverpool John Moores University…and that's well, interesting to say the least.
I'm a film fanatic in anyway possible...
I'm actually just about to go into my third year, this course has been really challenging so far, I've almost gave up multiple times, but I' still here and I'm determined to get to the finish line
I have a love of journalism and photography, I bet you would never have guessed?
So…I'm going to be blogging once maybe even twice a week, about random topics
I'll be basically reporting on a topic and then supporting with photographs, it will be quite an interesting thing to attempt.
As well as this I'll be commenting on various obstacles I go through during my day to day life, such as Uni, work and what life is like trying to become a Videographer/Photographer as well as any obstacles I encounter completing my dissertation. 
Well, this is me and I will see you again shortly! 

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